Isha Outreach is a major arm of Isha Foundation. All social development initiatives are managed under Isha Outreach. Current ongoing initiatives are grouped under Domains (Education, Environment and Rural Welfare). Objective - Raise awareness about Isha Outreach and its ongoing activities, success stories, projects, etc. Raise funds to support ongoing projects and activities through donations & crowdfunding campaign. Engage the Isha community. ISHA team was looking for revamping existing Outreach website and bringing all stand-alone initiatives/project website together.
What we Built
Challenge was every initiative, the project has its own website and they were not in sync with Isha brand. Most of them were built using different technologies. These sites were difficult to maintain. Contents were not always updated timely. It was costing a lot of hosting and other maintenance. Isha Outreach and other related sites were not Responsive. Updating each site separately was resource-intensive. website was not Multilingual.
ISHA team was using Milap service for their crowdfunding Initiatives. Existing website response time was not up to the mark.
We build a boilerplate based on the common structure of these Initiatives and Projects. Build all existing and future Initiative site using this Boilerplate. All project and Initiative’s websites were brought under Isha Outreach as per above structure. Each initiative is website/microsite. Each project under the initiative has a landing page. Common components such as Blog, Donation, Campaign, Newsletter, etc are shared across all initiatives/projects. Each initiative is led by a separate department within Isha.
The outreach website now is an umbrella structure to bring all initiatives together. Each department manages their content in their initiatives and keeps the website updated. We used Drupal 8 for CMS and PHP framework for Handling frontend content.
The Result
Hosting and Maintenance cost has come down drastically. It is responsive. Any content/part of website can be updated effortlessly. It is Multilingual. We can add new language to a website with very much ease and in a very short time. We can create any no. of Initiatives/Projects/blogs/campaigns. ISHA Team shifted its crowdfunding initiative from Milap to ISHA Outreach website. Currently, ISHA Outreach's - "Cauvery Calling" initiative is one of the biggest crowdfunding Initiative in INDIA.
Cauvery Calling will support farmers to plant 242 crore trees in Cauvery basin by adopting agroforestry.
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